DJ Service

All our DJ event setups are custom designed to the hall size, shape and guest count for a truly wonderful evening.  Larger halls and/or larger groups require more equipment to provide the same enjoyable atmosphere.  We are able provide some games for your event, and also have various activities for children at family reunions and school events.  All DJ events end by 1:00 AM at the latest, except for New Years Eve parties which can end as late as 2:00 AM.

All packages come with dinner & cocktail music, DJ/MC for the evening, microphone for any speeches, and access to our suite of online tools, for planning and music requests.

Basic Package ($650*):  Bar-like atmosphere, for daytime events, Stag & Does, family picnics & reunions, birthday parties, karaoke parties, and fundraisers.  Events where the dance is not the primary entertainment or when dance lights will prove to be ineffective.  DJ/MC will assist with running any games during the evening.  No dance or effect lights are included in this package.









Deluxe Package ($900*): Ball or Gala atmosphere, primary choice for Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, and School Dances.  This includes everything in our Basic Package, with the addition of dance floor lights, special effect lighting and accent lights. This is sure to make the evening remember-able.








New Years Eve ($1200): This provides everything included in the Deluxe package, with additional lights, fog or bubbles machine included.  This is the Ultimate Dance bar setup with lots of sound and energizing lights.

Special Stag & Doe packages coming soon.


Sound system and music for the ceremony, and microphones for live performers/singers can be provided for an additional fee.  Additional effects and lighting (i.e. fog, bubble, black lights) are also available.

*Packages are subject to change, depending on location and the size of event. System prices are based on typical hall size of 100-250 capacity.