Stag and Doe Events

  • We supply the fun, you supply the guests.

Electric Rhythm now offers complete Stag and Doe entertainment packages.  We have a few different themes you can choose from to enhance your event.  Electric Rhythm will run and look after the entertainment, so you and your guests will have nothing to do but enjoy the evening.  All required gear, equipment and staffing is provided with our packages.  We even offer optional prize packages for your guests, with an approximate value around $500 (actual prizes vary).**

Texas Holdem:  Texas Holdem tournament, with prizes for the top 5 players at the end of the night.  Three poker tables with three dealers for three hours.  An optional one hour with a dealer at a regular table to help instruct any new players in the basics of the game.  DJ/MC, full sound system, and dance music for those who don’t wish to play or are out early.  Package without Prize Pack.$1040*
Casino Night:  A fun filled night of casino games, hosting three to five games depending on venue size and number of guests.  Possible games include Black Jack, Crowns & Anchors, Horse Racing, Roulette, Craps, and Poker.  Games, gear, equipment and staff provided, games will run for 4 hours.  Prizes pack can be one of two options: prizes for the top 5 chip holders at the end of the night, or auction off prizes at the end of the night.  DJ/MC, music and sound system included for the dancers in the crowd.  Package without Prize Pack.$980-1300*
Stag/Doe Idol:  An evening journey to find the true Diva inside you. Also, who doesn’t love karaoke?  Two judges, karaoke system with screens and music, TVs, DJ/MC, sound system, some stage lighting and a great time all included.  Crowd to assist in tie breakers for the judges, with prizes and bragging rights for the top five winners.  Package without Prize Pack.$1050*
Cards Of Glory:  Simple and fun, this is a card tournament featuring the game(s) of your choice.  Standard rules will be provided for the game, as well as referees for the evening (5 hours).  Prize pack for top three teams or top five singles based on the game chosen.  DJ/MC, music and sound system included for the dancers in the crowed.  Package without Prize Pack.$950*
Not Too “Board”:  An evening of table top gaming with different board game for all walks of life.  Games provided along with staff to help set-up/tear-down/train/mediate the rules.  Games are provided are based on availability, and you can also request multiples of specific titles (in case everyone wants to play Monopoly).  Any game provided by the client will looked after till the end of the evening.  DJ/MC, music and sound system included for the dancers in the crowed and to fill time between game setups.  Prize pack not available for this package, if one is provided by the client Electric Rhythm will distribute as directed.  Package price $1000.00*
Porketta Bingo Hall/caterer permitting Electric Rhythm will run this great northern Ontario game. We provide the cards, caller, buns and Porketta. Catering package optional to cook and server the Porketta. Prices conditional on size of even and caterer used. For more details make sure to contact us.

All packages are subject to equipment availability, as well the retainer is non-refundable.  Prize packs are subject to availability, season, and designed to compliment the theme of the event.  Alternatively, prize packs can be provided by client and Electric Rhythm will distribute them as directed.

*Packages are subject to change, depending on location and the size of event. System prices are based on typical hall size of 100-250 capacity.

**Licensing for prizes to be determined, and license not included.