Terms and Conditions

The following are the basic terms and conditions on our contracts.  They are subject to change from contract to contract, please insure you review the terms on your contract with the DJ before proceeding.

1. Financial settlement to take place by cash at the end of the performance(s), or by check made payable to “Electric Rhythm” no later than ten working days prior to the event. If additional performance time is required, this will be at the discretion of the DJ, and subject to additional fees ($50.00/half hour). These must be paid to the DJ prior to over time. All other methods of payment will be by mutual agreement. Only one promotional item may be used per booking, and it does not apply to the retainer or booking fee.

2. This contract reflects the verbal agreement, and shall include any terms and conditions agreed prior to its issue, and shall be deemed accepted unless a written objection is received within fourteen working days of the issuing date. Neither DJ nor CLIENT may make alterations to this contract, without prior approval by other party.

3. In the event of the CLIENT wishing to cancel this contract for any reason other than natural disaster prior to ninety days of the EVENT date then, any advance payment made will be returned minus the Booking Fee($50.00). Any cancellation with in ninety days of the event date the retainer will be forfeited. All cancellations must be made in writing.

4. If CLIENT wishes to change the date of the event the retainer and booking fees will be applied to new date if DJ is available. If the DJ is not available the contract will then be cancelled and will be subject to the term of the agreement for cancellations.

5. In the unlikely event of DJ having to cancel the contract due to injury or illness, a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner will be obtained and copies will be forwarded on demand to CLIENT within ten working days. In the event of CLIENT seeking compensation, DJ will only be liable for a sum up to and not exceeding the contracted Fee amount, including Booking Fee. Best endeavors will be made by DJ to find a suitable or similar DJ substitute.

6. In the unlikely event of the DJ being unable to appear for any other reason, the DJ reserves the right to substitute a suitable or similar DJ at no extra cost. CLIENT will be notified in writing of any such replacement.

7. CLIENT will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (normally four hours prior to event for full rig set-up and two hours post event). The DJ will not, under any circumstances, cut corners regarding the health and safety procedures inherent in this process. CLIENT also must ensure that safe and adequate power is available (two 15 amp. circuits minimum).

8. The DJ and his assistants and/or guests will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue.

9. CLIENT will supply suitable clean changing facilities where required.

10. The DJ shall be in no way liable for breach of bylaws, or conditions under which the venue is leased, hired or entrusted to CLIENT. CLIENT also ensures that all appropriate licenses, as required by law, are in force at the time of the event.

11. CLIENT will provide adequate security and supervision of its guests, customers and staff at the venue, and will be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of earnings and hire fees) to the DJ’s equipment, vehicles or personal belongings caused by guests, customers and staff. The DJ is expected to perform in a safe, non-abusive and non-hostile environment. Any mistreatment or abuse of the DJ or anyone accompanying the DJ, in any way will result in the immediate discontinuing of services with full balance still due.

12. The DJ and CLIENT offers assurance that no previous contract exists that may prevent the DJ from fulfilling the performance(s) referred to in this contract and subsequently, no such contract will be entered into from the date of signing.

13. The DJ, at his discretion, reserves the right to discontinue all or part of equipment usage if the power provided is not capable of operating the equipment without risk of damage to the DJ’s equipment, or there exists a risk of injury to the public, the DJ or anyone accompanying the DJ, or if the working environment constitutes a health and safety risk.

14. The DJ, at his discretion, reserves the right to discontinue, or refuse unsuitable music for the venue and or guest.

15. The surface on which DJ is to perform cannot be dirt, gravel, grass, or any other unstable surface. If applicable, CLIENT agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the DJ’s equipment from direct sunlight and rain or other contaminants. If service must be discontinued for any of the aforementioned reasons, the full balance is still due.

16. A Client representative aged 25 or over must sign this contract, otherwise the contract will be deemed to be void. We the undersigned acknowledge that we have read and understood the above agreement, and ensure that it will be adhered to in detail.